Wyoming has cheaper gas than neighboring states

Laramie, Wyo. – Gas prices in Wyoming are cheaper than in several neighboring states right now. That's according to the website Gas Buddy.com. Its senior petroleum analyst, Patrick DeHaan says the best prices in Wyoming are in the southeast and in Sheridan, while the most expensive are in the northwest.

He says travelers should fill their tanks early this weekend because prices could go up over the next few days. "There is a chance that localized prices rise a bit. We see a lot with a travel holiday like Memorial Day that gasoline stations along busy routes and highways tend to raise their prices by a few pennies just to take advantage of drivers traveling they know that people are less likely to be shopping around."

Gas prices in Montana, Idaho and Utah are higher than those in Wyoming, by as much as fifty cents a gallon. Gas Buddy.com has a tool to help travelers find the best prices along their route.