Wyoming has to decide next wolf move

Sheridan, Wy – Wyoming legislators are considering two basic options on what to do next regarding wolves. The state is in a battle with the federal government over how to manage wolves. The legislature had tried to make it so that wolves that leave a protected area in northwest Wyoming could be shot on site. But a federal judge and the interior department want more protections for wolves. Now Wyoming has to decide whether to go along with that. Sheridan Senator Bruce Burns co-chairs the joint wildlife committee. He says those who attended public hearings on the issue last week had two different opinions of what the legislature should do. "One is to try to accommodate the court ruling to get the wolves under state management and the other is expressed by those who were the most frustrated or angered, which is to do nothing."
By doing nothing, it would leave the management of wolves located in Wyoming under federal control until an agreement can be reached. Burns says the committee will likely meet again in the coming weeks to decide what to do.