Wyoming Health Director likes a lot of the health care law

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming officials are busy reviewing the recently approved health care overhaul law and for the most part,the Director of the State Department of health likes what he sees. Doctor Brent Sherard admits that there are questions about costs and what soon to be drafted rules could mean for the state. But Sherard says there are a lot of positives in the law for Wyoming,especially in the area of prevention.
"Areas such as oral health, immunization, child obesity, diabetes care. We hope that these prevention efforts and medical home concepts will actually save us money and improve the health of our citizens over the long term."
Sherard says one concern is a possible increase to Medicaid roles. While the federal government would increase the state's match he questions whether providers will get enough of an incentive to take on more of these patients. Sherard says more information will be made available shortly.