Wyoming Hits New Record for Natural Gas Production

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming's natural gas production passed
the two trillion cubic feet mark last year for the first time ever.
That vaulted the state into third in the nation in production of gas sent to market.
State Oil and Gas Supervisor Don Likwartz says while final numbers are not in yet, the data he has received show Wyoming produced three-point-five percent more gas over 2004.
Wyoming accounts for about eight-and-a-half percent of the nation's natural gas production.
Wyoming's oil production fell slightly to 51-point-six million barrels in 2005.
However, Likwartz said the oil production news was good because it was the smallest decline in oil production recorded in the state
in ten years.
The state's oil production had been decreasing at an average annual rate of four-point-three percent. The 2005 production was down just oh-point-five percent from the previous year.
Wyoming ranks seventh in the nation in oil production.