Wyoming HIV funds cut by congress

Laramie, Wy – Congress has delivered a major blow to Wyoming's H-I-V/Aids treatment program. The U-S Senate has joined the House in overturning a funding formula that was established by Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi in 2006. Enzi says the formula makes sure that rural areas get their fair share of funding for HIV/ Aids treatment and prevention. But Congress has voted to send most of the money to cities and large metropolitan areas. Wyoming HIV Prevention Manager Rob Johnston says that would cut well over half of the states' funding. He says it was difficult to provide treatment prior to the 2006 funding increase.
"we were at a point of having no money. We couldn't take on any more clients. We really don't wanna go back there."
Johnston says they don't know how they will make up the 300 thousand dollar cut. Senator Enzi says the funding cut keeps the money from going to areas of the country where HIV/AIDS cases are growing.