Wyoming HIV/AIDS Funding An Issue

Laramie, Wy – A report by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that in the last year, Wyoming was one of eleven states that had a waiting list for H-I-V/Aids medications, because of
a lack of available funding. Kaiser's report says that those impacted the most are least populated states, because the federal funding formula is skewed. The Wyoming Department of Health agrees with that concern. Kurt Galbraith oversees funding for HIV/Aids medications in the state and he says the funding formula can be troublesome for states like Wyoming. " The number that they fund us on is based on a CDC estimate of living aids cases. The problem with that is it doesn't translate
into real people in our state. It also doesn't include, any persons living persons in our state who are HIV positive, but who don't have AIDS. We also serve those
people, but don't get federally funded to serve them. Galbraith says efforts are underway to address the formula. He says the Wyoming legislature increased its portion of the funding pie, which means the state does not currently have a waiting list.