Wyoming hopeful about renewable energy offices

Cheyenne, Wy – The U.S. Department of the Interior is setting up an office in Wyoming to help cut red tape for renewable energy projects, like wind farms. The office will help speed up applications and permitting for new projects. Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor... Ryan Lance... says nothing like this currently exists in the state. He says it could be helpful... as long as the federal office takes into account the possible negative impacts of renewable energy development.
"Our hope is that it won't be a focus on fast-tracking projects but making sure the analysis is thorough and robust. We don't get a second shot with sage grouse, trail segments, or private landowners, and we want to make sure those things are preserved."
Lance says it's not yet clear where the federal office will be located or how many people will work there. Wyoming is one of four states receiving such an office.