Wyoming lawmakers are busy redrawing legislative districts

Cheyenne, WY – The state legislature is busy at work redesigning legislative districts to conform to the state's new census data. Because of population gains and shifts, lawmakers will have to redraw legislative district boundaries. Wyoming legislative service office attorney Matt Obrecht says changes will definitely occur in a couple of areas in the state.
"Campbell County has experienced considerable growth mainly due to energy development. And another area of the state with growth is Sublette County. We also have areas of the state that either have declining population, or their population growth has not kept up with the rest of the state. That would be southwest Goshen, Platte County and the Big Horn basin."
While it used to be difficult to redraw districts, Obrecht says they now have technology to make the progress much easier. So legislators can consider a number of options and instantly see the result of their changes. The legislature is also making proposed district boundaries available for public review and comment on the legislative website. Lawmakers will travel the state accepting public comment on the process, and plan to vote on the new districts next year.