Wyoming Looks To Be An LNG Leader

May 13, 2014

A report says that Wyoming is well positioned to be a leader in the liquefied natural gas industry or LNG for what are called high horsepower industries.   

The “Wyoming LNG Roadmap Report” looks at how LNG can supplement diesel in mining, rail, drilling, pressure pumping and over-the-road trucking industries.  It states that investing up to $400 million to develop a liquefied natural gas system primarily serving the state's coal-producing Powder River Basin region could result in $166 million annual fuel savings versus continued use of diesel fuel.
  The report states industrial users including on-road semitrailers are now burning over 630 million gallons a year of diesel in Wyoming.

Governor Matt Mead says the report shows that value can be added to Wyoming’s natural gas.             

“All of this is geared towards how do we make sure we are maximizing value to our natural resources and doing it in a way that is also environmentally friendly.  So we look forward to further developments on LNG applications, but it is certainly good for our energy industry…good for our economy.”

Mead said LNG could lead to job creation in the state.