Wyoming Man Buried Again on Mount McKinley

Laramie, Wy – A funeral was held Thursday on Mount McKinley for a Wyoming man who died on the
mountain 35 years ago.
The body of Gary Cole, of Cody, was buried in a quiet ceremony
attended by mountaineering rangers and National Park Service
Rangers dug a grave 12 feet into the snow near the outer edge of
a glacial basin at 14-thousand-200-feet below the West Buttress
The body was lowered into the grave and covered.
Cole was 32 when he died of acute mountain sickness in June 1969.
His body was buried in a pit dug into the snow near a camping area.
The body became exposed recently.
Cole's widow, Judy Cole of Cody, expressed her strong wishes that her husband's body remain on the mountain.
Rangers say a spot was picked where the body would stay covered.