Wyoming Man Is Heard By The Supreme Court

Washington D-C – A lawyer for a Wyoming rancher told the
U-S Supreme Court today that his client should be allowed to sue
individual federal workers for harassment and retaliation under
federal racketeering law.
Thermopolis rancher Harvey Frank Robbins maintains that
employees with the U-S Bureau of Land Management pulled his grazing
permits and otherwise persecuted him to try to get him to give the
government road access.
Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe argued the case for
Tribe says there should be a constitutional avenue for private
citizens to sue government employees for continued harassment,
instead of having to sue for individual retaliatory actions.
Lawyers with the U-S Department of Justice represented the
B-L-M. The federal lawyers argued that their employees are immune
from such lawsuits.
The justices questioned whether Robbins' lawsuit was an
appropriate response to the B-L-M employees' actions. They asked
whether allowing it to proceed would flood the legal system with
similar lawsuits.
The case will be decided by June, when the court adjourns.