Wyoming might get average levels of precipitation this summer

Apr 22, 2013

Recent snow storms have brought Wyoming’s level of precipitation back to normal for the month.  That’s compared with April of last year– preceding the largest drought in history–when Wyoming was at 66% of average.

The Belle Fourche River Basin has the highest level of precipitation in the state at 300% of average.  And the Sweetwater Basin has the statewide low at 81%.

Ken Von Buettner is a hydrologic technician for the Natural Resources Conservation Council. Von Buettner is optimistic about having a summer with normal levels of precipitation.

“We’ve gotten some good relief here from the drought,” Von Buettner says, “and I’m hopeful that we can have normal flows, normal availability of water going into the summer.”

But Wyoming isn’t out of the woods yet.  Mr. Von Buettner also says the state needs normal rainfall and moderate temperature in the spring to help avoid having another dry summer.