Wyoming Moves to Meet Help America Vote Act Requirements

Laramie, Wy – All states are required to create a system to track registered voters by January first. Several states are struggling with this. Colorado just fired the company that was designing its system. That company, Accenture, is also working on Wyoming's system. Secretary of State Joe Meyer says he has had some frustration with them, but after a visit to the company's headquarters they agreed to put more resources into the project and things are going better.
Meyer says they are going through the software system looking for bugs now. He says in two weeks they should know if it will work.
Meyer says if it is not in place by January first it will be OK as long as Wyoming and Accenture are making progress to get it up and running.
This is one requirement of the Help America Vote Act. The other is getting all polling places to update voting systems. Joe Meyer says they will have the new voting machines ready.