Wyoming Not Hit Hard by Growth in Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Laramie, Wy – Rocky Mountain spotted fever is more common than ever in the country, but despite the name it is not a serious problem in Wyoming. An epidemiologist with the state Department of Health, Monica Olkowaski says over the last 15 years in Wyoming there has never been more than eight reported case in a year with no fatalities. The fever is transmitted to humans by ticks so to be cautious Olkowaski says people should remove ticks quickly because they have to be attached to a person for a couple of hours to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
Olkowaski says the best way to remove ticks is with tweezers.
The symptoms for Rocky Mountain spotted fever are similar to the flu at first and then a rash can develop around the wrists and ankles. Olkowaski says early treatment is important because the fever can be fatal.