Wyoming offers several clean economy jobs

Laramie, WY – In a new study evaluating the so-called "clean economy," Wyoming ranks 51st among all states and the District of Columbia. In short, clean economy jobs are those related to renewable energy and conservation. But a report from the Brookings Institution and independent research group Battelle also shows that Wyoming's clean economy jobs make up a slightly higher than average percentage of all jobs in the state. Brookings Senior Research Analyst Jonathan Rothwell says that raises the state's ranking.
"Wyoming actually ranks 17th on that measure and is slightly above the national average. 2.1 percent of Wyoming's workforce is in the clean economy compared to two percent nationally, so it's just above average."
Rothwell says the state's clean economy jobs also pay disproportionately higher wages than clean economy jobs on average. Well over half of Wyoming's clean economy jobs are in conservation. Those are primarily government jobs with agencies like the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service.