Wyoming Outdoor Council has mixed reviews on wolves

Laramie, Wy – A lobbyist for the Wyoming Outdoor Council
says the group disapproves of one wolf management bill headed for
introduction in the Legislature but approves of another.
Richard Garrett says the Outdoor Council approves of a bill that
would classify wolves as trophy game that would be subject to
regulated hunting outside the Yellowstone region. That bill also
would allow wolves that are preying on livestock to be killed.
Garrett says the group doesn't approve of a bill that would
classify wolves in most of Wyoming as predators that could be shot
on sight. He says the bill is inconsistent with federal court
rulings and would result in more lawsuits over wolf management.
The future of wolf management in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho
isn't clear after a ruling by a federal judge last year that put
wolves back under endangered species protection.