Wyoming Post Offices on the chopping block

Laramie, WY – Eight Wyoming post offices, all of them serving rural parts of state, are being considered for closure. It's the result of the U-S Postal Service's massive deficit and declining revenues. The Wyoming post offices being eyed for closure are in some of the state's smallest communities. Meriden, Bairoil, Little America, Byron, Freedom, Cora, Hartville and Smoot. U-S Postal Service spokesman Al Desarro says the agency is grappling with a nearly 7-billion dollar deficit - and that means tough decisions.
"These are the only post offices in Wyoming that are being studied for potential closing. There could be some more later, but as of right now these are the only post offices in Wyoming."
Nationally, the postal service is studying between 2 and 3 thousand post offices with an eye toward closing their doors The Postal Service will be taking public comment about the proposed closures.