Wyoming praised for Sage Grouse protection efforts

Laramie, WY – Wyoming has been commended by the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service for efforts to protect the sage grouse. Wyoming governor Matt Mead has issued an executive order continuing the state's strategy of protecting Sage Grouse in core areas of the state in an effort to keep it from getting federal endangered species protections. Mead is heading to a meeting of other western governors this week where he will discuss Wyoming's Sage Grouse plan.
"One of the things I plan to do at the western governors meeting this week is to offer support to other western states interested in what we have done with Sage Grouse. I believe this is a way to show the federal government how states can lead when it comes to species management and do so in a very responsive and proactive way."
In a letter to Mead dated last Friday, Fish and Wildlife says Wyoming strategy could preclude the listing of sage grouse in the state.