Wyoming is preparing for lots of flooding

flooding, wyoming – Wyoming Homeland Security Director, Guy Cameron, says that the state is preparing for flooding. During a news conference, Cameron noted that the potential for flooding in the state is very high, with snow pack in some parts of Wyoming between 150 and 200-percent average. To prepare for flooding, Cameron says Homeland Security has been working with a number of state and federal agencies to create a risk assessment for the state.
"And as we look at the risk assessment, weather is certainly the wild card because we don't know for sure how the weather is going to unfold and effect communities throughout Wyoming."
Officials say flood plans are being created and over a million sandbags have been distributed with more being filled every day.
Currently, snowpack near Carbon, Fremont, Albany, Uinta, Lincoln, Crook and Johnson counties are all above average, and officials are warning residents to be prepared for flooding by keeping a flood kit available, listening to news reports and having an escape plan.