Wyoming pushing to take roadless rule to the U.S. Supreme Court

May 15, 2012

The state of Wyoming is asking the U-S Supreme Court to consider the state’s challenge of the Clinton-era Roadless rule.

The rule makes road building, logging and development off limits in some areas of national forests.  Federal Judge Clarence Brimmer had previously agreed with the state that the U-S Forest Service exceeded its authority by creating the rule. 

Wyoming has contended that only Congress could take such action.  The Brimmer ruling has been overturned and Governor Matt Mead is hoping that the U-S Supreme Court will give it one last hearing.

“Because it’s an important issue for Wyoming and an important issue for western states. And we want it fully clarified and to know if this is it…ok, we’ll move forward.  But if it is not it and there is an opportunity for the court to take another look at it and reconsider what Judge Brimmer put out there then we’d like them to do that.”

Mead says the roadless rule would be bad for Wyoming and could impact nearly 3 million acres of National Forest lands in the state. He says it would limit multiple use.