Wyoming ranks 21st among happiest states

Feb 27, 2012

Wyoming has dropped from the top 10 happiest states in America, according to the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index.

Gallup surveys Americans for their emotional and physical health, behaviors, work environments and nutrition and medical access.

Surrounding states, including Utah, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska –all made the top 10 list in 2011, but Wyoming has dropped to the middle of thepack at number 21.

Dan Witters leads analysis of the Well-being Index. He says emotional health and work environments in Wyoming have deteriorated in the past year.

“That looks at opportunities to use strengths at work, having a supervisor that treats you like a partner, having a supervisor that creates a trusting environment. Those are areas that just don’t stack up as well.”

Witters says satisfaction in work environments has dropped nationwide since the Recession began.

“The dynamic has changed, and the relationship between workers and management, I think, is a little bit different when there’s a longer line outside of the door for somebody waiting to take your job.”

Witters says other states have recovered in recent years, and Wyoming could see an overall higher score next year if work environments improve.