Wyoming Ranks Last Nationally in High Tech Jobs

Washington, DC – Wyoming's high-tech sector still lags well behind the rest of the country, according to an American Electronics Association report. But it says the state was sheltered from the job losses that came with the bursting of the tech bubble. The report ranks Wyoming dead-last nationally for the total number of high-tech jobs and ahead of only Mississippi for the percentage of the workforce that works in those fields. But Director of Research Matthew Kazmierczak says Wyoming added 14-hundred high-tech jobs from 1998 to 2003, a period where most of the country was losing those jobs. Kazmierczak also thinks the technology related business incubator planned for the University of Wyoming will definitely help. Kazmierczak says high-tech jobs in Wyoming pay an average of almost 42-thousand dollars a year. That is 45-percent higher then the overall average wage in the state. Unfortunately, across the country, high-tech positions pay 84-percent more then other jobs.