Wyoming ready for federal infrastructure bill

Washington D-C – As Congress prepares to take up an economic stimulus package, transportation officials across the country are drawing up wish lists for highway projects. Wyoming says it has dozens of road repairs ready for federal money.
Deirdre Shesgreen reports

President-elect Barack Obama wants a package that will create 3 million new jobs.

Wyoming officials have identified 105 projects costing more than $400 million dollars that they could begin right away.

John Cox is director of Wyoming's Department of Transportation.

"It would be a virtual immediate positive impact." (:03)

On Cox's list: the west lincolnway project in Cheyenne. And new asphalt on I-80 between Laramie and Walcott Junction.

Fiscal watchdogs like Steve Ellis worry the stimulus is going to be a second Christmas present for special interests.

"What you find is that when there's a big pot of money, it attracts a lot of flies, and so lobbyists are all trying to get a little bit of honey for their clients." (:07)

Lawmakers will have to balance the competing interests when they take up the bill in early January.

From Capitol News Connection for Wyoming Public Radio, I'm Deirdre Shesgreen