Wyoming Refinery Cannot Help Meet Demand After Texas Explosion

Laramie, Wy – An official with an oil refining company says there is no way his refinery in Wyoming can pick up the slack in production after an explosion at a Texas plant. The refinery in Texas produces approximately three percent of the nation's crude oil. And about three times as much oil as all of the refineries in Wyoming combined. One of those is owned by Frontier Refining Incorporated. Doug Aron from that company says the impact nationally will likely be on the amount of premium gas produced in the U.S.. He says the plants in this state will not be able to fill any need because most American refineries are supplying their given markets. Aron says for example if there is not enough premium gasoline on the gulf coast it would be hard for his company to make up that capacity because they use their supply to satisfy demand in the eastern Rocky Mountains.
Aron says any extra premium gas will likely have to come from overseas.