Wyoming Reservoirs Brimming

Jun 6, 2014

Glendo Reservoir
Credit Roger Barber

Wyoming reservoirs have been spilling over with run-off from the heavy snowpack.  But Bureau of Reclamation area manager Coleman Smith says they’re doing their job—capturing flood waters to reduce damage downstream. 

He says when the flood waters hit Buffalo Bill Reservoir it was touch and go for a while.  “We were actually releasing 400,000 cubic feet a second out of--it was going through Cody—which is a tremendous amount of water.  And the Emergency Manager up there for Park County was keeping a close eye on it.”

Smith says the reservoirs have been low the last two years because of drought.  This year’s flood waters have so far filled Glendo Reseroir to 49 percent and Seminoe to 70 percent, leaving plenty of room to capture the rest of the season’s melting snow.