Wyoming residents can carry guns without a permit

Laramie, WY – On Friday,Wyoming residents will have the ability to carry concealed guns without a permit. The state's new law still requires people carrying concealed weapons to meet basic eligibility standards involving mental health and criminal records and firearms will still be banned in places like government buildings, schools and churches. Byron Oedekoven with the Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of "Police says that he expects no problems with the new law.
The law abiding citizens with a firearm will follow the law and abide by the restrictions and not take it to places they shouldn't. It's those people who have a propensity for not necessarily following the rules and such that will come to the attention of law enforcement and it's too early to tell what kind of issues we'll have with them."
There are currently over 20-thousand concealed weapons permit holders in the state. Oedekoven says people who want permits will still be able get them in order to carry guns over state lines, and satisfy instant background checks when purchasing firearms.