Wyoming residents differ over climate change

Casper, Wy – Two events in Casper this week take different approaches to the issue of climate change. Governor Freudenthal will speak as part of a University of Wyoming series on how Wyoming can adapt to climate change. Scientists overwhelmingly agree that humans are warming the climate and U-W organizer Anne MacKinnon says their series addresses what to do about it. Meanwhile, the Wyoming Business Alliance will host a debate-style forum in Casper(Thursday) and Friday. Organizer Bill Schilling says they will present the scientific view that climate change is manmade... and the view that it is not.
Because typically what happens and I've seen these in a lot of forums on the academic community, and people say, climate change exists, but they don't have people right there toe-to-toe with them challenging those assumptions.
The issue of whether climate change is real divides Wyoming residents. A recent poll found that over half say they do not believe global warming is scientifically proven.