Wyoming’s unemployment rate dropped in September

Oct 23, 2012

The state unemployment rate dropped to 5.4-percent in September, giving Wyoming the 6th lowest rate in the country.

Senior Economist David Bullard of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says the state economy seems to be growing stably.

“There appears to be growth in construction, as well as mining, including oil and natural gas… growth in accommodation in food services, and local government, which includes public schools, colleges and hospitals. So there are a number of sectors that appear to be growing around the state.”

Bullard says Sublette County had the lowest rate in the state, at 3-percent. Bullard says the high cost of living there might be a factor.

“If one of them happened to lose their job, they might go back where they came from, whether that’s another part of the state or another part of the country. And so they wouldn’t be counted as unemployed there in Sublette County.”

Bullard says he expected September to be a good month because construction and tourism-related jobs continued while the weather was warm. He expects unemployment to rise slightly during the winter months.