Wyoming Schools React to Spate of School Shootings

Laramie, WY – After three school shootings in a one-week period across the country, schools in Wyoming are re-thinking safety. Superintendent of Schools Jim McBride is asking all school districts to review their emergency plans. He says some Wyoming schools may want to make changes to their everyday procedures. "I've been to a number of schools where for ventilation or just for the fresh air aspect of it they'll prop a door open on the side that's not monitored," he said. "I think those days are slowly slipping away," McBride added.

Wayne Beatty is in charge of the safety program for the Natrona County Schools. He says he'll be asking students more about what's going on in their world. "We have to have those informal conversations, we have to have that rapport." Beatty said he relies on students to come forward when they don't feel safe because of others.

He says the last week has been particularly stressful for students. His staff has taken action on some fifty behavior complaints throughout the district.