Wyoming Scores Win Over Wolf Battle

Laramie, Wy – There's a big development in the wolf-delisting process this week. The federal government is proposing to make it easier to kill wolves in order to protect elk and other animals. Right now, states have to prove that wolves are the primary reason that elk herds are not meeting their population goals. With the new rules, wolves only have to be one of the major causes. Jenny Harbine is an environmental attorney who follows wolf issues. She says the bar has been lowered too much. "This rule is giving states an opportunity to warm up their guns to wack down this population before delisting occurs."
But U-S Fish and Wildlife Regional director, Mitch King, says the idea that wolves should just continue to proliferate is at odds with his task.
" That's not the job of the endangered species act. If you really want something like that, then you need a national law called the wolf protection act. And we don't have that."
It could still be years before wolves are taken off the endangered species list because of lawsuits. This rule would allow Wyoming to kill wolves more easily before that happens