Wyoming sees more interest in nursing

Laramie, Wy – There is growing interest in some Wyoming nursing programs since the recession hit. Gillette and Northwest Colleges both report hearing from more potential applicants to their Registered Nurse programs. Cody Nielsen directs nursing at Northwest College. She says she's probably seen 20 to 30 percent more requests for applications this year, including from many people who are switching careers because of the recession. Nielsen is also hearing from more people from out of state.
"This year, especially in the last couple months, I have probably had more requests from Montana, the Dakotas, and Idaho than I have ever had."
Not all colleges report the same trend. Nursing programs at Laramie County and Western Wyoming Community Colleges have not seen an increase. At the University of Wyoming, applications were up about 40 percent in 2009 for a program that lets people switching to nursing from other careers.