Wyoming Senate to decide on health care proposal

Cheyenne, Wyo. – Today the Wyoming Senate will vote for a final time on a bill that sets up a health care pilot project. It offers health insurance to those who can't afford it in the private marketplace and provide some funds to help people pay for their health care.

It's the third time Senator Charles Scott has brought the idea to the Senate. He says through wellness and by keeping people out of the emergency room, it could keep costs down. "What we are trying to do is control the cost of health care," he said, "so as we do a program to insure the uninsured, it is something we can afford and sustain. We believe that a health care program that does not control the costs is unsustainable."

Scott says it is important that states find ways to address health care issues, because it does not look like the federal government will pass a health care bill anytime soon.