Wyoming Senators Among Most Popular

LARAMIE, wyo – A recent survey of Wyoming voters shows that U.S. Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi may enjoy more support at home than any others serving in the Senate. The group Public Policy Polling has assessed the home-state approval ratings of more than sixty U.S. Senators. And those polls put Republicans Barrasso and Enzi several points ahead of any other sitting senators the group has studied. Tom Jensen directs Public Policy Polling. He points out that Wyoming's support for its politicians isn't just a matter of partisanship. After all, former Governor Dave Freudenthal, a Democrat, earned a 71 percent approval rating for his tenure. But, on the whole, Wyoming voters are firm in their disapproval of President Obama.

"Despite finding the Freudenthal was the most popular governor we've ever polled on, Barrasso and Enzi the most popular senators, we also found President Obama with his lowest numbers of any state we've polled in," says Jensen. "Just a 29 percent approval rating for the President, 66 percent disapproving."

Sixty-nine percent of Wyoming voters approve of Senator Barrasso, according to the group's research. Senator Enzi was a close second, with 63 percent.