Wyoming snowpack below normal

Casper, Wyo. – Wyoming's snow pack is just below normal for this time of year, but a water supply specialist says the state has more snow than it did at this time last year.

Lee Hackleman is with Natural Resources Conservation Service. His office released a report Monday that shows snow pack statewide stands at 93 percent of average. It was 83 percent of average on the same day last year. Hackleman says the best snow pack is in the Northeast Corner of Wyoming.

"The most snow right now is in the Belle Fourche and the Powder Tongue area. They are well above normal in the northeast part of the state. The North Platte and Green River is well below normal, they could receive a little boost."

The Lower Green River is at about 65 percent of average. Hackleman says Wyoming has probably received about one-third of the snow it will receive this winter.