Wyoming Snowpack Improves

Jan 25, 2012

A water supply specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service says recent snowfall has improved the snowpack in the state.  Lee Hackleman says snowpack is 92 percent of normal statewide after sitting at 80 percent earlier this month.

 “The whole state went up this last week,” says Hackleman. “Some areas went up quite a bit more, like around the Wind rivers and up around the Park, they significantly went up there.  But even in the southern part of the state where we didn’t get as much,they still went up.”

Hackleman says it’s still too early to be concerned about a below-average snowpack, and he predicts that things will continue to head in a positive direction.  The one area of concern is around the Little Snake River and the upper North Platte.  Those areas are below 70 percent of normal.