Wyoming Spelling Champ Ousted

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming's state spelling bee champion is out of the national competition. Fourteen-year-old Kelly Sullivan of Riverton made it through the written round by getting 20 out of 25 words right.
The word that tripped her up "cahier" (kaw-YAY'). It's a word for a parliamentary document used in France before the French Revolution. The correct spelling is C-A-H-I-E-R.
It was Kelly's first trip to the nation's capital -- and she even got another spelling opportunity while she was there.
While visiting Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, Kelly had a chance to speak with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. When he learned why she was in town, the secretary asked Kelly to spell his last name.
Kelly says nerves got the better of her, and she spelled it R-U-M-S-F-I-E-L-D. But there's no I in Rumsfeld.