Wyoming students’ debt 5th lowest in country

Dec 17, 2013

Wyoming has the fifth lowest average debt in the nation for students who graduated from college in 2012. That’s according to a recently published study by the Institute for College Access and Success. In Wyoming the average debt was just over $21,000.

Director of Student Financial Aid at the University of Wyoming, Joanna Carter, says there are several things that keep borrowing relatively low at UW.

“The tuition at the Community colleges as well as the University of Wyoming would be very reasonable compared to national rates,” says Carter. “And also our students are hardworking students. We have students that work, there’s some savings they bring to it, of course we have the wonderful Hathaway program here in Wyoming which helps to offset some costs for students as well. Many of our students qualify for Hathaway.”

At UW, 47-percent of students graduate with debt. Nationwide, 71-percent of students leave college with debt.