Wyoming takes part in President's reform effort

Cheyenne, Wy – Wyoming's Department of Education is taking part in the Race to the Top. That's an effort from the Obama administration to transform the school system.
The state's department of education chose to apply for a 160 million dollar federal grant... which would be split between the department and individual school districts. The U-S Department of Education will review Wyoming's applications and either accept the entire proposal or ask the state to submit another application in June. If Wyoming gets the money, a lot of it would go to improving performance at schools with low test scores. State superintendent, Jim McBride, says the funding would allow specialists to visit those schools on a more regular basis.
"Right now we have districts that we're visiting a couple of times a month and that is not adequate, we're going to need people there daily or at least weekly."
Wyoming would also spend the money on standardizing teacher evaluations. McBride says currently they cannot compare teachers from one district to another.