Wyoming Violator Compact continues to make impact

Laramie, WY – The Wildlife Violator Compact continues to make an impact. Under terms of the compact, anyone who has their hunting, fishing or trapping privileges suspended in one state also can lose those privileges in another state. This month of the number of states in the compact will grow to 32. Wyoming has been in the compact for over a decade and the administrator of the program, Carol Havlik, says it is working well. She says it hurts out of state violators the most: "Wyoming people when they're suspended are mostly concerned that they're suspended in their home state. Whereas, a lot of the non residents from the upper Midwest that come out here to hunt the big game we have out here, all of the western states are now in the compact so they're pretty much out."

Havlik says in total almost 800 Wyoming residents have had privileges suspended through the compact at one point or another. She says about 200 of those were for violations in other states.