Wyoming will apply for Carbon Capture funds

Cheyenne, Wy – The federal Department of Energy announced two point four billion dollars in stimulus money for carbon capture and storage projects late last week. A number of Wyoming officials said prior to the announcement that they would like to see some of that money come to the state. 50 million dollars will go toward identifying geologic formations where carbon dioxide could be stored long-term. Sean Plasynski of the D-O-E's National Energy Technology Laboratory says that's a key part of carbon sequestration research.
"Knowing that there is significant storage capacity prior to either building a plant or laying out expansion for a plant - knowing just where that storage potential is is very significant."
In Wyoming, researchers are already evaluating at least two possible carbon sequestration sites - the Rock Springs Uplift and the Moxa Arch, in the southwestern part of the state. Plasynski says he does not know when the department will award the stimulus money.