Wyoming will get a lot less highway money this year

Laramie, WY – The Wyoming Department of Transportation will get about 200 million dollars less this year to spend on highway construction, compared to 2009. This is because of the boost from federal stimulus funding last year, and the decision by state lawmakers to put less money into road construction this year.
WyDOT Budget Officer, Kevin Hibbard, says the good news is that Congress did pass an act funding highway construction through the end of the year. And that gives the department some stability.
"We had really no full understanding of how much money would be available to us in 2010. But, this act did extend that through December 31st and at 2009 levels, so now we know much money we have for the remainder of the year."
Analysis from WyDOT shows that with the overall decrease in highway funding, the agency will do about 30 fewer projects.