Wyoming Will Petition For Grizzly De-Listing

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank says action is needed on the issue of getting the grizzly bear off the Endangered Species List. Crank says the Game and Fish Department and Department of Agriculture have formed a working group to prepare a petition for de-listing. He says their hope is to have that petition filed in January. Crank says de-listing has been talked about for some time and he notes Wyoming law gives the state jurisdiction over all wild animals within its' borders. He says if the federal government doesn't control populations through the de-listing process and other means, then it beings to negatively impact other Wyoming wildlife. Crank says there comes as time when you say enough is enough. If the petition is filed in January, Crank says Interior Secretary Gale Norton will have a year to act on it. He says if she fails to act, then the state has the option of filing a lawsuit.