Wyoming wolf plan adopted

Aug 3, 2011

 After years of lawsuits and negotiations, the State of Wyoming and the U-S Fish and Wildlife Service have reached an agreement that could lead to Wyoming managing wolves within the state.    The agreement would allow Wyoming to manage ten breeding pairs, but reduce the number of wolves outside of Yellowstone National Park from 350 down to 100.   The Governor’s policy adviser for Wildlife and Endangered Species Steve Ferrell says those numbers will be reduced through such things as hunting…but he does not expect a sudden reduction. “There are some places where there needs to be some relief of wolf predation on livestock as well as wild ungulates, but on the other hand I don’t think there is anyone that believes that will happen in the same year.” Governor Matt Mead says Wyoming has lost a significant amount of Moose and Elk due to an overabundance of wolves.  Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar says the state will be required to develop a management plan that will ensure the long term viability of wolves.  The deal and plan must still be approved by the Wyoming legislature.