Wyoming wrestles with wind policy

Laramie, WY – State officials are listening to the public in an effort to develop a wind energy policy. But interests in Wyoming vary. Governor Freudenthal's Deputy Chief of Staff, Ryan Lance, says some parts of the state are very interested in wind energy because landowners have a chance to profit. But in other parts of the state, they are concerned about the use of eminent domain to put transmission lines on their properties. Lance says Wyoming's policy needs to take both of these matters into consideration, "It's very much a case of we have to put it in places where it is going to be acceptable and won't lead to infighting. And we have to find a way to sort out this interstate transmission issue. Especially in places like Kemmerer where all they are seeing are power lines and very little local benefit."

Meanwhile, the state is trying to determine if California will be a long term market for Wyoming wind power. California officials have made comments that could put that assumption in jeopardy.