Wyomingite Works to Help Wounded Soldiers

Laramie, Wy – A Wyoming woman who's son fought in the
Iraq war is trying to improve conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
Laura Brown is leading a drive to provide laptops to injured soldiers through a group she created called "Laptops for the Wounded."
The group's objective is to help injured soldiers communicate with relatives and others through e-mails and web cameras attached to the laptops.
Brown's own son had recently returned safely from the war and undertook the campaign after hearing from another mother that she couldn't e-mail her injured son directly at the hospital.
Laptops for the Wounded has been fund-raising since November of 2005 and has now donated 27 computers to military hospitals around the country -- including 24 to Walter Reed.
A hospital official says the laptops aren't just used for e-mail. One soldier who couldn't speak was able to communicate with his family and his doctors by typing on the computer. Others who have eye injuries use the laptops to watch movies or television up close.