Wyomingites Are Safe Drivers?

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming ranks fifth for driver safety in a
nationwide study that quizzed licensed drivers on topics like changing lanes, left-hand turns and signs.
But many of those surveyed online by G-M-A-C Insurance didn't know basic driving skills.
At least one in five people surveyed did NOT know that a pedestrian has the right of way at either a marked or an unmarked crosswalk. One of three drivers said it is O-K to roll through a stop sign rather than come to a complete stop.
Tim Woodard is a driving instructor at Cheyenne East High School. He said the study's results might be skewed because it was a voluntary, online quiz.
Woodard said he was surprised by Wyoming's ranking. He pointed out that Wyoming ranks highest for drinking and driving offenses and single-car rollover accidents.