Wyomingites Reflect on Economy

Laramie, WY – As Congress tries to make a deal to rescue the nation's economy... we asked people in Wyoming what they think about the bailout and how the failures on Wall Street affect their lives. Here are some of their thoughts:

Stephanie Carter: "I feel that the corporations need to be accountable for what they've done. As a small business owner, they're not going to bail me out if go under or give bad information."

Larry Grimm: "It hasn't really affected me much, but I bet it's going to affect my retirement."

Barbie Kumm: "They say other banks could fail and you worry about if your money is safe in the bank that it's in or the other investments you might have."

Richard Sanderson: "I don't know what the consequences will yet be, but I do think that if some things don't change it'll affect everything."