Wyoming's construction industry is in a survival mode

Laramie, Wy – After shedding jobs for the last two years, Wyoming's construction industry is in survival mode. That's the assessment of Jonathan Downing with the Wyoming Contractors Association. He says contractors have scaled back their employee rolls dramatically - and it will probably be a couple more years before the industry does much job creation.
"You're probably going to see some months where you see some short term gains and then a couple of months later those gains may be erased. Part of that is the volatile mode of the market right now where people are still in a survival mode."
Downing says state lawmakers did help the industry by allocating 50 million dollars to highway maintenance and construction over the next two years. WYDOT released some of that money to contractors just this week. And federal money is also going to fund these projects around the state. Almost all of that money is going to Wyoming contractors.