Wyoming's food bank to gain autonomy

Jan 11, 2012

Wyoming’s food bank is going to become its own entity this summer. Currently, it’s part of the Food Bank of the Rockies in Colorado, but in July it’s splitting off.

Development Manager Jamie Purcell says it's been good working with the Colorado food bank, but that that the change will be beneficial.

“Because of the restraints placed on us by our parent organization, we’re not able to expand to the level that we need to be at,” Purcell said. “But when we become autonomous, whatever our board of directors sees fit to do, we will be able to do.”

Purcell says the Wyoming food bank currently only has one truck delivering food to the entire state, which means they’re not able to satisfy all the demand. She says they hope to add an additional truck and increase the number of people they serve.

She added that Wyoming’s food bank will still be part of a larger network, so each dollar will still have just as much buying power.