Wyoming's Infrared Telescope Turns 30

Laramie, WY – It's the 30th anniversary of Wyoming's infra-red telescope on Jelm Mountain, west of Laramie. University of Wyoming astronomy professor Chip Kobulnicky says when it was built in 1977, it was the largest infra-red telescope in the world. Since then, many larger telescopes have been built.

"But it's still a very productive facility, a very useful facility. It's 100 percent owned and operated by Wyoming. And it can still do competitive science provided that we continue to come up with the resources to keep it equipped and up to date," Kobulnicky said.

Kobulnicky says the university recently received a 400-thousand dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to upgrade the telescope.

UW students and faculty use the telescope to study everything from the composition of comets to the formation of new stars and planets.